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7 Small-Cap Stocks With Big Growth Potential In 2023

Some of the greatest opportunities can be found in these small-cap stocks to buy. For one, a good number of small-cap stocks are severely undervalued. Two, according to contributor Luke Lango, “Small caps are trading near all-time-low valuations. That’s because investors have been playing defense against a potential recession by buying less-risky large caps. Once the tide turns in 2023, they’ll ditch the large caps and play offense with small caps. And that will cause small-cap stocks to win big.”

Three, we have to remember, small-cap stocks have a history of outperforming during prior recessions when the Federal Reserve was fighting against inflation, just as they are now. Four, most small caps are U.S.-centric and aren’t as exposed to international issues. Five, it’s tough to ignore the opportunity being found in crushed small caps, including these small-cap stocks to buy.

This post originally appeared at InvestorPlace.