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3 ‘Secret’ Stocks To Buy For Multibagger Returns By 2025

There is an ocean of stocks in the U.S. with hundreds of names representing quality companies. For perspective, the New York Stock Exchange lists more than 2,500 stocks and the NASDAQ lists more than 3,300. I haven’t even talked about other exchanges, including the OTC. The key point is that there’s a high likelihood of investors missing potential multibagger stocks in the universe of listed names.

The objective of this column is to talk about the lesser known or the under-the-radar stocks that could be major value creators. The point with under-the-radar stocks is that these names are generally undervalued. Stocks that are in the limelight are usually fairly or overvalued. I therefore like to scan through the universe of stocks and pick lesser-known names to analyze the business.

Let’s discuss the factors that make these names potential multibagger stocks.

This post originally appeared at InvestorPlace.